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Tutoring in Handwriting

When children first start to write they begin with their name. Children’s names are the first word they usually recognise, “read” and later “write”.

A child’s development and ability to write their name will vary and their interpretation of how they write their name in the early stages will help them feel powerful and engaged. The child will then become interested in print and want to learn more about what they can do and learn.

What begins with a scribble or a lengthy unplanned sequence of recognisable letter forms will ultimately transform into adult like letter formation, with left to right movement, planned spacing and correct spelling.

Noosa Tutoring Centre specialise in handwriting programs for all levels.

Children need to do the following to be able to write.

  • They must want to write.
  • Need to be able to hold a pencil/ crayon and be able to control the movement they want.
  • Need to be able to follow instructions when given, to form letters.
  • Need to recognise and remember letters and the differences between them.
  • Understand that in English, the movement is left to right, and also understand that each word forms a specific sequence for it to become a word that we read and write.

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