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Spelling Methods

Children with spelling problems often have difficulty reproducing words.

They will find it even more difficult to read words with no shape. This is because a mixture of tall and small letters define a break in the word and reduce it to a smaller number of units.

A child must be able to form a visual image in their mind (such as a word) and then be able to recall it accurately in order to read.

The Learning Centre program is designed to improve visual sequential memory.

The Keys to Reading Program  successfully develops reading and spelling. The rules of the English language are taught, enabling  your child to understand the rules necessary to improve their reading and spelling skills.

The program focuses on stretching the visual memory in structured steps and teaches the child how to look at words in a new way.
The result is that the child learns the strategies of searching skills and how it feels to read a word correctly.

Ultimately children learn to self correct their own reading strategies.

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