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For those who experience nervousness or anxiety prior to and during procedures, we offer various sedation options to help patients remain relaxed throughout the entire process.

Nitrous Oxide
Commonly known as, “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is a lightmethod of sedation that will help you relax for the duration of your dental procedure. It takes action fast and wears off just as quickly.

Oral Sedation
Our oral sedation option is a small pill ingested by the patient that will allow you to remain awake during the treatment. However, you will experience drowsiness and may have little to no memory of the treatment afterward.

Oral sedation is a popular option for longer, more complex dental work. However, as the pill’s effects generally last for a few hours, patients who opt for oral sedation are required to make arrangements to have someone take him/her home following the appointment.

Intravenous (IV) Conscious Sedation
Patients who opt for intravenous sedation are closely monitored by a certified medical professional. The sedation offers a state of deep relaxation, and as such you will likely have little to no memory of the process of the procedure.

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