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Ensuring you oral health is at its best comes down toimplementing preventative measures that will help defend your teeth against potential dental afflictions.

A healthy diet and proper oral hygiene are the most assured methods to keep your mouth and your teeth in hearty shape. Brush at leasttwo times a dayusing fluoride toothpaste, floss daily and always rinse your mouth out using water or mouthwash.

Drinking plenty of water and even chewing sugarless gum are great ways to help keep teeth healthy between brushings as it encourages saliva production. Saliva is one of the main functions of the body that serves to keep the mouth healthy as it neutralizes the formation of plaque by rinsing away leftover food particles and debris. It also helps guard against bad breath.

If necessary, your dentist may prescribe an anti-cavity rinse or apply a special anti-cavity sealant to your teeth to help stave off tooth decay.

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